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The Story Matters

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The Story Matters

Tell me a story.

Those words have accompanied our family’s bunk-bed, bed-time rituals for years. By now, the hero of the nightly saga goes without saying: It’s my son, Levi, who is all normal-boy angles and activities, until evil rears its proverbial head. And then, then, Levi transforms into the ultimate super-hero, L.D.A., whose powers include the shock-hold and flying. Right on time, with the whole world hanging in the balance, an earth-shaking battle between good and evil rages, concludes, and then sleep may ensue.

If I have spun a fine enough yarn.

If not, I get the two-syllabled, “Mah-ahm!” – promptly followed by a critique: “That story made no sense.” Usually, I have trespassed in small ways that are, nevertheless, deeply offensive to nine year old boys. Sometimes I have upset the apple cart by allowing evil to triumph. Sometimes I have mis-matched characters and super-powers. For whatever reason, the story I’m telling is less than stellar.

And it has me thinking.

What kind of story am I telling with my life?

What would it take to tell a better one?

For starters, as a Christ follower, I have to remember daily that I’m not the author of my own story. Jesus is. I’m just the girl who shouldn’t have a sane hair left on her head, but, because Christ specializes in plucking up lost causes and re-writing their stories, I do.

Also, I don’t have to be the hero of my own story. Jesus does. I’m just the girl who won’t let go of His hand as He pulls me through this thing called life.

When conflict rises and evil speaks, I don’t have to rely on my own wit or brawn to face them. I don’t have much anyway, but I know Someone Who has both, and more, in spades.

And when the storms come and I venture out in them sans umbrella, I know there is a Savior who is my covering, more sheltering than the sky itself.

I want to tell a better Story with my life.

And, for me, it starts by remembering Who, ultimately, holds the pen.

Because the Story Matters,











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  1. AmyBr

    Thank-you for your stuff. I was introduced to you at the Living the Faith Conference today in Evansville, IN and had to check out your website. I am a single mom who just went through her second divorce and now I am facing breast cancer. You hit a nerve today in challenging me to allow God to redefine me. Thank-you for allowing God to be your author so you can reach to women like me who need to hear your story.

  2. Jonalee

    I have recently attended the Baptist Convention of NY Women’s Retreat at Honors Haven and I want to let you know that the topic you brought out about Gazing through God’s Mirror has opened up my eyes. This is the first retreat I’ve been to since I’ve accepted Christ 4 years ago. I am beginning to understand now about those counterfeit mirrors you’ve discussed. I went home feeling inspired & excited that I shared it with my Mom. It felt good to recognize the things that I thought I was and to know that there are scriptures that is attached to each description is amazing. Now I always have this favorite scripture posted on my desk top wallpaper. Jeremiah 29:11 ” For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for the good and not for evil so you can have a future and hope.” Thanks Allison. God Bless you!

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